Alpha Phi is a story of ten women who, in the face of discrimination, turned a friendship into a sisterhood; what was designed to unite the few women of Syracuse University in 1872, has now united women hand and hand and heart to heart across the nation. In 1872, women were expected to be wives, mothers, and homemakers; they didn’t belong in a higher level of education according to most men. Martha Foote Crow called together the women of Syracuse University proposing the forming of a secret organization. Since the word sorority was not yet invented, Alpha Phi became a fraternity for those ten women to empathize with each other about their daily struggles, challenge each other academically and ultimately support each others as sister do.

The morals and traditions established by those brave, ten women so many years ago continue strongly in our members today. With joining this fraternity comes the promise of sisters to be there when you feel lost, when a boy breaks your heart, when you’re questioning your faith in everything and when you just need someone to listen to you. The fraternity is not comprised of one type of girl, nor was it meant to.


Alpha Phi is a collection of girls with similar morals in the pursuit of excellence.


Alpha Phi Delta Rho:

The Delta Rho chapter on Ball State’s campus was founded on November 7, 1964. Our chapter currently consists of 134 members.


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